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Well, not that much of a morning since I’m still feeling really groggy after last night’s do at a friend’s housewarming party. Didn’t feel too good about taking pics of the food with so many people around that knows me.

So, decided to post up some more pics of Granny’s cooking. Shots were taken last Friday after she cook the chicken in oyseter sauce. The shots below show Granny preparing stir-fried cabbage.

As usual, a teaspoon of oil is heated up and the garlic is friend until it softens and fragrant. Granny threw in a small piece of fish as well. Don’t know why. Couldn’t really taste it but guess she’s trying something new.

Next comes the cabbage. Cabbage are sliced first into…erm…rectangular shaped pieces. Can’t think of a better way to describe the cutting style or the shape of the cabbage. Start stir-frying the cabbage and if the wok gets too hot, turn down the heat a bit but not too much. A medium-sized flame should be sufficient.

Then, she added in some water but not the half pot shown in the pic! About one small bowl should be sufficient. Then she added in the salt and pepper to taste. I supposed the water helps to distribute the heat more evenly so that the cabbage is thoroughly cooked.

The final product. Granny puts them into two separate plates : one for lunch and the other for dinner time. She usually cooks enough food for the whole day so that she doesn’t need to cook at night. However, we usually have leftovers for the next few days! Kind of hard to cook for 3 people so sometimes, she makes a lot more to last us a few days. Sunday is curry day and she usually makes a big pot of curry to last for a few days. Yum!

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