: : Sick : :

First, ash. Then meesh. Followed by jikon. Now me. Sigh. Being sick is no fun. Wonder who is next?

Still, had to drag myself to work to work in the morning. Too many things to do and so little time. Amazing what Clarinase will do to you. Pill is still too bloody big.

Anyway, highlight of the day was getting out of a very cold office. Went down to Expert Food Court, Tabuan Jaya, for lunch.

Foo Chow Mee Sua

Had a bowl of excellent mee sua. Had a touch of Chinese Red Wine added in for taste. A FooChow dish, it is extremely easy to do. It’s actually chicken soup with the red wine added in. That’s all. Easy, isn’t it? No fancy cooking here. Only problem is getting the noodle. Should use the white opaque ones and not to be confused with bee hoon (semi-transparent) and tang hoon (transparent). The mee for mee sua is softer than bee hoon or tang hoon.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Dinner was a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup. So what if it did come from a Knorr packet? It’s still tasty. Memories of childhood days of chicken noodle soup and ABC soup. Yum.

So, I’m off to recuperate. Ciao!