: : Mooncake Festival : :

Yep, it’s just around the corner. And I’ve already started eating them. :p

Vt : Here, have some mooncake. Red Bean Paste filling though.

Wena : It’s okay. Will eat with Granny.

This particular mooncake is bought from a shop in Jalan Pandungan called Chin Hiang Chay. It sells a lot of other mooncake with different fillings. I love the plain lotus seed paste wherease my Granny luvs the lotus seed with the egg yolk in the middle. Then there are the fillings with the nuts inside and pandan paste. Unfortunately, this shop makes the mooncake using lard (pig’s fat) so definitely non-halal. However, the local bakeries are selling halal mooncake. Else, you can always order online from Lian Bee. :p

Then again, I’ve yet to try out the ice-cream mooncake at Haagen Daaz! That would be SO SINFUL!