: : Johor Biscuit Factory : :

This was told to me a year ago by an electrician from England commissioning some equipment at a Johor Biscuit Factory. He said that the biscuits are sold to Singaporeans.

Brit observing cicak (gecko) everywhere on the ceiling. Speaks to a worker.

Brit : Why don’t you get rid of the geckos?

Worker : Aiya! Cannotlah! They eat flies mah!

Hmm… after that, I never bought local biscuits manufactured in Johor ever again. The Brit didn’t tell me who was the manufacturer so am covering my bases.

Now let’s see whether I’ll get into trouble for posting this. ;p

: : Kuching Fest Part VIII : :

Wena : Cannot tahanlah! (Cannot stand it!) I’m going to Kuching Fest again. Wanna go?

Granny : (perking up) Okay lah!

Hakka Pancake

Wena : This is nice. Let’s get it.

Granny : Sure or not?

Hawker : Auntie lai! (come!) Try some.

Granny : (munching) Hmm…. good ah! Okay, I want some.

Hakka Lui Cha

Granny : I’m going to have some lui cha. Need to clean (cleanse) my body lah.

Wena : Should be good.

Granny : Yeah but soup VERY BITTER! 🙁 Still, good good for body mah.

Salmon Fried Rice

Granny : Kuku (Uncle Cyril) want fried rice one.

Wena : Okay. How about this one? Can we try?

Hawker : Sure. Here.

Granny : (munching) Hmm… nice. Okay, tapau (takeaway) one order ah.

Tom Yam Soup

Wena : Wanna take back some? They just make new pot woh!

Granny : What’s inside?

Wena : Seafood, mushroom, fish.

Granny : Wah! RM2 per bowl only ah? Okay, we take one.

We only got back home to eat dinner at 8 p.m. Worth the wait. 🙂 Then again, Granny got distracted with all the garden plants. Got herself a RM6 miniature mandarin orange plant. Dirt cheap if you ask me.