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: : Bento #7 ~ Postmeal after returning from UK : :

Just got back last night from London and sent back home by Davin. Trip pictures will go up when I have time to put them up!

Anyway, here is tomorrow’s bento meal. This is bento #7.


Most of the food were prepared by my Granny because I was too tired to do anything except for a few things. So I packed up leftovers.


To the left is a seed-rice mix that was packed in silicon cups. To the right is a veggie mix of the traditional Hakka dish known as lui cha. It’s a stirfry combination of onions, cangkuk manis, long beans, bean sprouts and tauhu mixed with some grounded herbs which I have yet to check with Granny what’s inside it. This entire veggie mix was then poured into a pot of hot Chinese tea. I put the tauhu and grounded peanuts on the right side of the dish.


On the top left is poached fish with tumeric, ginger, garlic and shallots. Half a piece of a mackerel steak. To the left is pak choy, a form of Chinese cabbage that was stir-fried with garlic. And the bottom is button mushrooms that were poached in rosemary and oregano.

This is bento #7 and now back to trying to lose weight. I put on 3 kg from my UK trip and now have to lose it all.