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Looking at my 9 Oct 2010 goals

Once I had completed my ebooklet “Loosing the Baggage”, it was time to really get cracking on how to promote the sale of the ebooklet.

And that’s when I realized that I had forgotten that I had set out a goal to be slimmed by 9 Oct 2010!

Well, needless to say, I didn’t achieve it at all. However, I did learn a few things about myself as I gave feedback to myself :

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Loosing the Baggage ~ eBooklet & Workbook

Finally, my eBooklet is up and for the price of USD10, you will also receive a free workbook.

Click on this link : http://www.loosingthebaggage.com

The title of the eBooklet is “Loosing the Baggage” and contains Tips & Tricks on how I had lost over 20kg in the past 18 months as well as reduce my blood pressure AND healed from a slipped disc injury*. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it can also work for you.

The eBooklet is short and simple as well as easy to understand. And do give me your feedback on it. 🙂

*For the slipped disc injury, I still sort professional help and I would recommend that you still seek medical advice if you had similar conditions.

Good Choices vs. Bad Choices

I’m sharing with you some stuff that I guess I do in therapy. You can either think I’m completely gone cuckoo or that I really have come to a point where I’m looking at how to make better food choices. I’m now starting to realized that I tend to have this really bad habit of just eating the food to have that temporary feeling of  fullness i.e. not starving = not hungry = happy. Well, happy for the moment anyways.

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My Guidelines on preparing food

I just did a quick writeup of the food guidelines that I use currently when it comes to preparing food. It’s prettty simple and yet it took a lot of time to fine-tune it to the point that I could actually follow it easily and comfortably. It’s not easy to make the commitment and I dragged my feet so much before. ^.^

So have a good read and let me know your thoughts on it. If you ever need to check back on it, it’s on the menu bar at the very top.


Step-by-Step Drop on the Chart

One thing that I frequently had to remind myself as I went out throughout 2009 was that it was a step at a time. That I wasn’t to hope for a miracle drop in weightloss. That there will be uphills and downhills as I went on this journey.

So the key tool that help me to monitor the weightloss (and manage my moodswings when things didn’t go well) was my scale. I remembered going out during a Sunday on the same week I got diagnosed with high blood pressure and bought a digital scale. I also made the affirmanation that I will be steadfast in my goal to reach my ideal weight, no matter how long it took but that I aim to lose 1 kg a week. That I was going to be brave enough to tell people how much I weigh and that nothing will dedract me from my goal, even if it meant having to put up with a lot of people’s comments.


*Click on the chart for bigger picture.

It’s been now 10 months since I started. And there has been big mountains and I mean gigantic mountains. But I found that as soon as I went back onto the right track, everything came down again very very easily.

My new goal is to lose another 15kg by 1 Feb 2010 so that I can get off the high blood pressure medication the next time I see my cardiologist. It’s annoying having to swallow a little white pill all the time. But I’m definitely going to make it.

Why? Because I want to. 🙂