Good Choices vs. Bad Choices

I’m sharing with you some stuff that I guess I do in therapy. You can either think I’m completely gone cuckoo or that I really have come to a point where I’m looking at how to make better food choices. I’m now starting to realized that I tend to have this really bad habit of just eating the food to have that temporary feeling of  fullness i.e. not starving = not hungry = happy. Well, happy for the moment anyways.

I had drawn what happens when I pick Good Choices and Bad Choices. These are thoughts and feelings that run through my mind either immediately after eating and/or after 1-3 hours after eating. The choices also included other scenarios when I’m faced with a decision of choice : which to pick? This or that? It was interesting to see what were the things that I was writing as it all came out. Writing it down and letting it all out really does help me to understand myself better i.e. I know now what triggers me to make bad choices and good choices as well. And looking at these emotions, it feels liberating to just let it all out. If it makes you uncomfortable looking at this, well, perhaps it’s time for you to have a look at yourself and decide whether you want to continue the way you’re living or make a change that will result in a better you. I took the leap of faith for a better me, even though the journey is pretty rocky and I do cling on to old thoughts and feelings.

What I did a week afterwards was to put down what I thought were ripples when I made Good Choices. It was not only about food and it included all types of Good Choices that I make in my daily life. Being honest is not always easy but I find that the more often I’m honest, the more I’m willing to let go of grudges or opinions of people. That I don’t let myself be caught in the emotion of the moment just so that I feel justified internally for my righteous anger which in the end doesn’t benefit myself or the other party.

The strange thing is that for every grudge that I’ve let go, I find myself more free and calm. Plus, my body is able to do more stuff like doing a better stretch or having better endurance when I do my strength training.

So why did I post this up? Well, my trainer said to put it somewhere where I can see it. So I guess other than putting it up on my room, I’m putting it online as well so that I can look for it easily. Will I follow it all the time? Not really. Even today, I’m having the problem of actually following it properly. I ate a bowl of spicy nabeyaki udon as well as some other stuff from Sushi King and ordered one vanilla/chocolate ice-cream cone from Sugar Bun. Getting on the scale just now, it tipped at around 81 kg which is not good considering that I weighed in this morning at 78.5 kg.

Ok, so to fix it, it’s a long cardio walk tomorrow as I only did some strength exercises today. Hey, for every bad choice, I still need to fix it, no? 🙂 Only way to drop the weight is to walk walk walk walk it all off. And not eat frivolously! So, my plan for tomorrow :

  1. Morning : Walk for at least one hour
  2. Afternoon : Cooking roast chicken and making some tofu stuff.

The meals will be for Monday and the rest of the week. Any leftovers will be frozen and will be defrosted on the day that I intend to eat it.

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