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Good Choices vs. Bad Choices

I’m sharing with you some stuff that I guess I do in therapy. You can either think I’m completely gone cuckoo or that I really have come to a point where I’m looking at how to make better food choices. I’m now starting to realized that I tend to have this really bad habit of just eating the food to have that temporary feeling of  fullness i.e. not starving = not hungry = happy. Well, happy for the moment anyways.

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Sushi minus rice? Yeah…but falling apart…

I’m more than a bit embarrassed by this post because without rice, sushi doesn’t look as good. As for the taste, it’s normal and to me, it was fine. 🙂

A simple white fish on top of some spinach with some seaweed-soybean flakes mixed in-between. Tasted pretty good but that could be because the flakes were sweetened with rock sugar. It’s the vegetarian version for chicken / pork floss.

I think what I’ll do the next time is not to cut the sushi into small pieces when I make it again without rice but just leave it long. Then all I need to do is eat it.


My Guidelines on preparing food

I just did a quick writeup of the food guidelines that I use currently when it comes to preparing food. It’s prettty simple and yet it took a lot of time to fine-tune it to the point that I could actually follow it easily and comfortably. It’s not easy to make the commitment and I dragged my feet so much before. ^.^

So have a good read and let me know your thoughts on it. If you ever need to check back on it, it’s on the menu bar at the very top.


Lunch : Lemon Chicken

Lunch : Lemon Chicken

Yep, this was a lunch protein source to make lunch a good square meal. Back in university, a friend of mine taught me how to make the lemon sauce from scratch, rather than relying on the lemon sauce from the bottle. The only problem is that a lot of sugar is needed so I cut out a lot of sugar.

The chicken was pan-fried after being seasoned with pepper. The sauce is made up of purple shallots, garlic and ginger with 1 squeezed up lemon juice. I think I also added in about 1/2 teaspoon of cornflour to thicken the sauce up as well as 1-2 teaspoon of brown sugar. The pink stuff you see there was the result of the onions getting discolored by the lemon juice.