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Mason Jar Lunches : Chicken Noodle Soup in a Jar

My first time making this chicken noodle soup in a jar. It took longer than expected because I decided to make the chicken soup from scratch rather than something from instant powder. 

The inspiration for this lunch jar came from Buzzfeed Food.  Just add hot water and voilà! Yummy hot noodles. 

The only thing I forgot to do was add salt to the chicken stock. Oh well.   

Sushi minus rice? Yeah…but falling apart…

I’m more than a bit embarrassed by this post because without rice, sushi doesn’t look as good. As for the taste, it’s normal and to me, it was fine. 🙂

A simple white fish on top of some spinach with some seaweed-soybean flakes mixed in-between. Tasted pretty good but that could be because the flakes were sweetened with rock sugar. It’s the vegetarian version for chicken / pork floss.

I think what I’ll do the next time is not to cut the sushi into small pieces when I make it again without rice but just leave it long. Then all I need to do is eat it.


My lunchbox(es)

This is how I bring my food to work. Pretty easy and simple since everything can fit into one small bag. It’s still a pretty darn heavy bag though because of the 3 glass containers but it’s easy carrying it in a backpack.

An orangey circular lunch bag that came as a set with some Tupperware lunchbox. I stop using the lunchbox since it was made out of plastic and started using glass ones instead. The glass ones aren’t perfect either because the top is still plastic. At least it’s less plastic that comes into contact with the food.

More info after the fold.

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