My lunchbox(es)

This is how I bring my food to work. Pretty easy and simple since everything can fit into one small bag. It’s still a pretty darn heavy bag though because of the 3 glass containers but it’s easy carrying it in a backpack.

An orangey circular lunch bag that came as a set with some Tupperware lunchbox. I stop using the lunchbox since it was made out of plastic and started using glass ones instead. The glass ones aren’t perfect either because the top is still plastic. At least it’s less plastic that comes into contact with the food.

More info after the fold.

This is how it looks like. There are 3 containers in there along with a pair of chopsticks and a spoon. The spoon is actually a teaspoon but since it came with a protective cap, I thought, why not? So I used it, even though it’s more for children but I can’t seem to find an adult size spoon with a protective cap so oh wells.

One of the containers is wrapped in a hankerchief because the lid doesn’t close tightly enough and any gravy or juices will leak out. That container is my lunch as it’s slightly bigger to cater for the long gap between lunch and dinner since I goto the gym afterwards.

Let’s just have that pink box with the strawberry picture out again, just for the heck of it. Just to irritate the men reading this post. Haha!

This is a Glass Lock & Lock container which I regretted buying since it doesn’t have a watertight seal. I had to put 2 bands around the ends just to make sure that it stays and doesn’t drip out too much. Even had to wrapped it up with a hanky just to be doubly sure that it doesn’t. Troublesome. Now I know why it was on 50% sale.

So, today’s lunch was dragonfruit, leftover Chipotle flavoured pork, mustard belly pork and stir-fried organic kailan. The only thing organic was the dragonfruit from my Granny’s garden that wasn’t even fertilized and the kailan bought from the organic shop at Green Heights.

So, that’s my breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Usually, the afternoon snack is my dinner but since I had dimsum with family, I guess one can’t call it dinner anymore. Unless the 7 pm meal is my supper. ^.^

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