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KBH and PC were in town on a short holiday, staying at PC’s childhood home. So, I pop by to meet up with them and brought along some siew pau.

Chicken Siew Pau

I asked for the pork version but got the chicken version instead. It still tasted good though. The pastry is very very soft and the filling is not too sweet. The meat was very tender which is actually one of the critical traits of this pastry.

I bought this from Expert Hawker Centre, Tabuan Jaya, as it was the closest coffee shop that sells ‘Kuching Siew Pau’. Actually, other coffee shops also have this siew pau. Look out for a food warmer with the sign ‘Kuching Siew Pau’ on it. Sometimes, they put up a picture of a yellow tabby cat that is kicking his legs into the air with his paws behind his head. I only know of another place that sells this siew pau is the Siang Siang Hawker Center in Tabuan Jaya. ‘Kuching Siew Pau’ makes the better tasting version compared to others and I’ve tried many versions.

In KL, there is a very famous coffee shop in SS2 (or was it SS3?) that sells delicious siew pau. I remember the coffee shop was facing the highway and Damansara College. There are two huge ovens to cook this pastry and it’s open throughout the entire day. Yum!

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  1. hi there. is there a recipe for this kuching siew pau anywhere or is this a top secret kinda recipe?

  2. Sorry for the really late response.

    To be honest, I’m not sure. I don’t think so as you can find very good siew pau in Seremban and SS2, PJ.

    I think the trick is making sure that you’re using very good fat for the pastry because pastry is only flaky and tasty when the fatty ingredient is still in good condition i.e. not rancid. So it may have to be very good quality butter. The filling is also important as I’ve had some that were really really terrible.

    I’m not sure where the good ones are in Kuching as I seldom eat it. It used to be good at Hong Kong Dim Sum 2 at the Stutong shoplots but it looks liek their buns are now smaller and not fully cook. I guess try your luck? ^.^ Or ask. I seldom eat out so often now.

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