: : Garden Fair : :

The first mum-mum posting without food. Shocking, ain’t it? The flowers were too pretty to NOT post.

Went with Granny to the Kuching Garden Fair at the MBKS (Majlis Perbandaran Kuching Selatan / Kuching South Municipal Council) park. We went around 4 p.m so most of the stalls weren’t open yet except for the place where the orchids were being sold. Anyway, here are some of the pics taken at the orchid stalls as well as some of the garden flowers.

The Garden Fair is part of the monthly long Kuching Fest held annually to commerate Kuching City Day. There is also a Food Fest but the stalls weren’t open yet. Maybe next weekend, will pop by and search for some bamboo chicken. 🙂

: : King of Fruits : :

Dedicated to my mother in Michigan, USA.

King of Fruits

Thank goodness there is only one phoneline in this house. Else she’ll be calling me up to scream down my ear. :p

Picture was taken at Choice Daily Supermarket, Tabuan Laru. Durians are from Thailand, the ones that do not give out such an offensive stink.

And yes, I do not eat them. Oh well. No accounting for taste, right? :p

Granny used to have a Siamese cat called Kiti which loves to eat durian. Used to eat 2-3 entire pods by herself! Same goes for Granny. CHOLESTEROL!

[ Postnote : Correction here. Not cholesterol. Didn’t know that anything GROWN from the ground doesn’t have cholesterol. As pointed out by kbpmy.]

: : Granny’s Cooking : :

Surprisingly, I got something to post up after all. Thought today will be the very first day that mum-mum doesn’t have a posting on food.

Granny cooked some delicious Sabah Veggie. Yum. It’s actually another variety of fern found in the market but as far as I know, not grown locally. Mostly imported from Sabah.

My first artistic picture. Hmm… which one do you all prefer? An artistic picture or a picture of the whole dish? Leave a note in the comments section.