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OMG! Can’t believe Mum’s recipe books are still around in the house. Granny was clearing out the library today.

Female Recipe Book 1977

Indonesian Recipe Book Malay Recipe Book

This is for steph since she was asking for recipes. A big snapshot of the recipe will pop up but be prepared for a slightly long download before clicking.

Kuih Keladi - Yam Cake

Pau Recipe

Books are out of print already. So, am not sure whether these recipes actually WORK or not. If anyone tries it out, let me know if it works. If it doesn’t, am going to remove the links.

Here’s a snapshot of the library at the house. Used to be 8 shelves and packed with paperbacks starting from 70s as well as coffee table books. The whole family’s contribution, including Granny’s Chinese magazines and books.

Wena's Library