: : Kuching Fest : :

Found that someone has decided to create a blog for the entire Kuching Fest 2003.

Only one posting though.

But am sure more will follow suit.

Get the feeling that it’s an old friend (a chance encounter during the Carvery session) is doing it. True or not, Mr. P. Wong? :p Anyway, I’m hoping to see PICTURES!

On another note, to view the orchid pictures that ofoto.com, you’ll need to signed up with them. It’s an inconvenience to everyone but tell me where you can still put up more than 1GB of pics without having to pay for it? Would be interested to find out.

Also, here is another interesting link about Kuching : Kuching Quick Guide. Prepared by Philipp Lassen from Germany who was here for awhile. Some nice pics of Kuching as well. I’m sure Mr. Ooi will start feeling more nostalgic. :p

: : Granny’s Cooking : :

After a hectic Monday, Granny had a nice surprice waiting at home. Try guessing what it is.


Makes you wonder whether you’re seeing the right things. Is it beef with prawn? Here is the full pic.

Pineapple Curry with Salted Fish and Prawn

It’s pineapple curry with salted fish and prawn. Granny make the salted fish herself from fish caught by Uncle Cyril. When the salted fish is cook this way, it is no longer salted so can be eaten like normal fish. The taste? Well, curry flavoured, of course, with a taste of sweetness and sourness. Not salted at all. Mmmmmm….

: : Photo Album : :

Photo album of a demented ‘tourist’ let loose in a Garden Fair.

Here are the remaining pics from the trip to the MBKS Garden. Am still searching around for a place to dump this pics online in case anyone wants to download it. Only problem is storage : 60 MB required. Yep, picture size is big.

If anyone wants a resized picture for their desktop, drop me your email with your desktop settings in the comment box below (No Speak / Speak) and will email out the relevant picture to you, resized to those settings. Or drop me an email at myremi@yahoo.com .