: : BBQ Toy for Boys : :

Geez! What will they think of next? Although, I heard that there is actually one in Kuching!! They got it made locally and were using it with charcoal.

I can hear the gears working in my Dad’s head right now. He loves BBQ and used to give a lot of them. His BBQ chicken recipe is awesome!! The chicken marinate is made from dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, sugar, pepper and chopped garlic (yep, G-A-R-L-I-C!). Mix all the ingredients into a bowl first. Then, rub it into the chicken wings and leave it in the fridge overnight.

Another one of his specialties is BBQ fish. This is very very simple to do. Clean the fish by removing the scales, gills and stomach. Rub some salt and peppers on the outside. Then, stick some lemon grass into the stomach. For lemon grass, only use the root and part of the stem. Throw away the leafy part. Remember to remove the first outer layer of the lemon grass as that it is dirty. Wrapped the whole fish in aluminium foil. Then leave it on top of the wire rack on the BBQ pit. Make sure that the fire isn’t too hot else it’ll burn. Usually, we put the fish on the wire rack once the fire is providing medium heat i.e. does not cook the meat too fast. We usually leave it on the rack for 15-30 minutes. Can always open the foil to check if the fish is cook : be careful of the piping hot steam coming out. If not, just wrap it up again and put it back on the wire rack.

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Sigh. Disadvantage of using Blogger to update the blogs. Then again, I should know better. :p Talk about dead embarrasing.

: : Dinner : :

Know what? I completely forgot to take down the name of the Malay shop we ate dinner at!! Was such a tiring day today with too many meetings and rushing about organising an event.

Had a quick dinner before attending a rehearsal. BJ, UJ and myself had dinner at a nearby coffeeshop in Satok which is a predominant Malay area. It’s along the same row as Bank Utama but not in the same block. It’s about 3 blocks down. You can recognize the shop by the green lighting that is used.

Fried Rice Kampung Style

Fried Rice Kampung Style

Kampung Style usually means ikan billis (salted anchovies) are added in. Also, since it’s Malay Style, chopped chillies are added in. Couldn’t quite taste the chilli in this one but presentation was good. Except that my flash was too bright. Without the flash, pic was very green and I’m still not that good at editing the pics.

Ice Lemon Tea

Ice Lemon Tea

This tasted SOOOOO good after a long day at work. Thought it look pretty cute as well. A bit sweet though. Most Malay food tend to be a tad too sweet to me but that’s because I don’t quite have a sweet tooth.

There used to be a great Malay coffeeshop across the road from this one. Called Mat’s Cafe. But, they’ve moved to across river!! Sayang (pity). Sigh. Great tom yam soup, deep fried ikan manchung, porridge. Used to go there regularly and binged with others. Heck, he gets a lot of Chinese customers. The food is just awesome! Oh well.

Wanna see how who BJ, UJ and I are? Look for these feet. :p

BJ tuttie footie UJ dainty toes Wena the Witch out to make ppl HUNGRY!