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Need to sober up a bit after Friday’s nite outing. However, a quick note on the pub we went too. It’s called Monsoon which is actually a nice place to sit and chitchat. If you like to play snooker, they have a table but still need to pay RM2. The staff are friendly and very helpful. Drinks are cheap. Very scenic as it’s by the river. On the other side of the river, you can see the houses in the villages along the river. Very picturesque.

Monsoon is a pub that plays oldies as well as 80s and latest music. Nice place to hang out. Ask for Kantau, the waiter. Also a friendly chap.

Will be updating the blog tomorrow morning i.e. another 8-10 hours from now. When I wake up. With interesting food as we went to eat seafood at Topspot.