: : Hunger : :

My my my, this blog suddenly made more than one person hungry. :p Then I know the pics are effective. Still, gotta get the camera looked into. Too many dots popping up, even when the pic is taken in broad daylight.

A quick bachelor student’s recipe about Adrian’s Rojak Pot. However, they miss out one more ingredient : Lee Kum Kee Oyster sauce. I remember the guys in uni used to finish bottles of it in fried rice, fried mee, fried bee hoon, etc.

Poor Pennylaw. Oh well. Fly over to Kuching to eat lor! :p

: : Pasar Kampung, Tabuan Laru : :

Lunch time destination. It’s a really big, open-air hawker centre under one big green roof, located in Tabuan Laru housing area where the shoplots are. All types of food there but not that many are that good. There used to be a stall selling pan mee but she closed down last year. 🙁 The only shop in town that one can get pan mee in Sarawak. Doesn’t seem to be so popular in Sarawak. Sayang (pity).

Anyway, lunch menu is below. The pictures didn’t turn out so good because I forgot to turn on the flash. Sigh. Oh well. Below are the only good meals worth mentioning. Anything else isn’t worth your money.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry

RC was too darn hungry so he started eating before I could snap a clean picture. Spoilsport. He reads this blog anyway so I know come Wednesday morning, will get an earful. Don’t care. ;p This nasi lemak has one of the better tasting sambal in Kuching. Although the shop owner is Chinese, the chicken meat is halal. You can order nasi lemak with chicken curry, fried chicken or lamb curry. Personally, the Chicken Curry is the best tasting one.

Tomato Kway Teow

Tomato Kway Teow

This was what I had. Kuching folks claim that tomato kway teow originated from this town. Don’t know how true is that. The dish sure tasted good. It’s similar to sweet and sour dishes but with less sugar. The kway teow is fried first and then the sauce is cooked with the other extras as well. The sauce is then poured over the kway teow. Had to eat this really fast because it started congealling really fast as it cooled down. The stall is non-halal.

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng means fried mee but in this context, it means Malay Fried Mee. The other four ladies ordered this dish for lunch from a Malay food stall. It’s actually quite delicious but would be more sweet than salty. Came with a spicy hot sambal as well. Took me awhile to redo the picture and even then, I’m still not satisfied with it. So, just stuck it half-done on the blog. Too lazy to redo it properly.

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