: : Moving website : :

Yay!! Mr. T and Lol got the website working!! Will be moving hosts over the weekend. Massive move though. Will take time to move all the pictures over. Blogger doesn’t allow for file upload on websites outside their own. Cheh!

: : Granny’s Cooking : :

Steamed fish!!! With strips of garlic, chillies and chop garlic. Pity that she didn’t put any salted vegetables inside. That would have been really nice.

Steamed Fish

Picture was a bit messy ‘coz I came back late from work and Uncle Cyril wallop part of it already.

: : Chilli Peppers : :

Went back to Chilli Peppers for lunch again. The only different addition was the otak-otak patties. It’s actually grilled mashed fish wrapped out in leaves. However, we had the burger version minus the burgers. Tasted really good.

Otak-otak patties