: : A toast : :

Abbreviated conversation during Carvery dinner last Friday. Forgot to blog it down until today. Two chaps.

After-effects of Ballintine Whiskey aged 12 years :

[K1] : I propose a toast to Wena’s website… what is it again?

[K2] : mum-mum dot blogspot dot com.

[K1] : yes yes…let’s proposed a toast to mum dot blot dot…

[K2] : eh! it’s Mum-Mum Dot Blog Spot Dot Com.

[K1] : say that again?


[K1] : blot? B-L-O-T?

[K2] : no no no, it’s B-L-O-G.

[K1] : okay okay. A TOAST TO WENA’S MUM-MUM…err…

[K2] : DOT

[K1] : dot


[K1] : blog SPOT!

[K2] : dot com

[K1] : dot COM!

All I can say is SALUT! Talk about a stand-up comedian. :p

: : Chilli Peppers, King Centre : :

Khai’s last day today. 🙁 There goes one fun guy. So, went to lunch at everybody’s favourite place. AGAIN.

Menu of the day :

Air Kundur (Wintermelon Drink)

Barley Lemon

Roasted Chicken Rice

Tomato Kway Teow

Air Kundur (Wintermelon Drink)

Wintermelon juice is such a cooling drink. One of the ‘cold’ drinks around. Great when wanting to cool down the body after such a hot hot day.

Barley Lemon

What can I say? Picture speaks for itself. Another ‘cold’ drink. Delicious.

Roasted Chicken Rice

Tasty, yummy AND halal. ;p

Tomato Kway Teow

Another version of tomato kway teow. This time, more orange. Great taste too! There goes my Atkins diet. Sigh.

Can’t find a single thing wrong about Chilli’s. Always tasty. Always a WIDE variety of food.

Posting kinda short today because just got back late from Kuching Food Fest. 🙂 Pics are going out tomorrow. Extremely long blog for sure. :p