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As promised, here is the recipe for Granny’s Curry Chicken. The number of ingredients here aren’t a lot because most of the spices have already been added into the curry paste.

1 small bowl of curry paste or 2 tablespoon of curry chicken powder

1/2 chicken, cut into smaller parts

A few strips of beancurd, broken into slightly smaller pieces

8 small purple shallots, sliced into half

2 tablespoon of cooking oil

Some water

A big wok with a lid to fit (approx. 20-30cm in diameter)

Chicken and purple shallots

Curry Paste

A note about the curry paste used here. The spices have already been added in, including the chilli powder. However, when using curry powder, you’ll need to use a lesser quantity in order to get the same taste.

Dried Beancurd

I luv beancurd! Yummy with curry! The picture shown is a full length one. For the curry, the beancurd is broken into strips of smaller lengths. Then, it’s later soak in water to rehydrate it so that it expands before being added into the curry.

Now onto the recipe!

Step 1

Step 1 : Fry onions

Heat up the oil on a slow fire until it is hot. To check, stick a dry spatula into the oil and press it against the wok. (Funny thing to note : over here, the spatula is called the frying stick!) If you start to see small bubbles come up, the oil is hot enough. Note that oil tends to spit if water is thrown into it. Slide the onions into the oil by pushing them from the side. Do not just drop them into the wok else the oil will start spitting. Fry the onions until they become soft and fragrant. Do not brown them.

Step 2

Step 2 : Cook spices

Fry the curry paste with the onions on a slow fire. Do not stop stirring. Add some water in if the paste is starting to dry up from the frying. No matter what happens, MUST NOT LET THE PASTE BURN!! Fry for a few minutes until there is a fragrant smell coming out. For first timers, be careful not to stand too close to the steam else your eyes will start to tear. I think it comes from the chilli inside the cooking.

Paste is cook

Step 3

Step 3 : Add in the chicken

I hope that you still have a slow fire going. Big fire, smelly burnt smell. From the side of the wok, slowly slide the chicken in. The last thing you would want is a burnt mark on your skin, or worst, your face. (Incidently, if you do get burnt from hot cooking oil, the sap of a banana tree works wonders. Of course, you’ll end up a sticker but when one is in pain, one doesn’t care. Gotta look for a banana tree first!). Add some water if it gets too dry. Remember, the water is to prevent the chicken and curry paste from burning. Add in about 1 small bowl and stir the chicken until the outside is partially cook. Then, fill the wok with water : about half the wok should be filled with water. Turn up the file until the water starts to boil. Lower the fire and let the whole curry simmer. Cover the wok with a lid to cook the chicken faster. The lid creates a small pressure cooker so the chicken will be more tender.

Step 4

Once the chicken is cook, add in the hydrated beancurds. How to check if the chicken is cook? Try it lar! That’s the only way to tell. Simmer it until the beancurd is hot.

Sorry I didn’t add in a final picture of the finished dish. Completely forgot about it and when we had it for dinner again today, it looked to messy. Think there were some leftover so will take another pic tomorrow.

The orangey colour comes from a spice called tumeric. It doesn’t add much spicy-ness to the dish but rather the colour. Notice that there is no coconut milk added in? Great for people who are watching their diet. Granny wanted to lose weight so omitted the coconut milk in most of her curry cooking. Although, I do think that this version is a lot spice-er compared to the version with the coconut milk.

As for buying curry paste, it’s a 50-50 chance. Might get a good one, might not. Easiest way to find out is through word of mouth but do not be surprise if it doesn’t come out well. I guess it’s just plain luck. One thing good about curry paste is that it keeps in the freezer for ages.

So, that’s just about the 1st actual recipe for this blog. Granny says that she hopes everyone enjoys it. I know we do, every Sunday. It’s curry day every Sunday, 52 times a year.

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