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: : Alarming Crustacean @ Red Lobster : :

Oh yeah, when I mean that it was eating at Alarming Crustacean, I wasn’t kidding. Eating lobster was an experience at the Red Lobster Restaurant at Lubbock. My boss’ wife wanted to have some of their lobsters and their huge snowshoe crab. And seriously, we polish them off as well as 2 bottles of wine between 4 people.

So, here’s the video for you all to enjoy. Again, the auto-focus is being a pain but just reinforces the fact that I need to get myself a flashlight or videolight for the handycam.

You know, it’s easier than I expected it to be and making videos has been a fun process so far. It’s not as boring as I thought it would be although it also still needs time to prepare it. But I need to find a source for music tracks that are royalty free or CC free.

Link to Red Lobster site. Funny thing about this website is that there Store Locator is not working at all or I’m not putting in the right searches. Then again, if you put in the search for Texas, nothing shows up anyway. Going to drop them a mail after this.

: : Biiiiigggg steaks @ Cagle Steaks : :

Yep, big steaks alright. I’m getting used to using Windows Movie Maker now but have to look for some better music pieces to attach on to give better video viewing experience.

Here’s the link over at Youtube.com. I sure am going to miss this fast internet connection.

And it’s still a pain that YouTube videos can’t be embedded into Blogger posts yet. Oh well.

Postnote : Google Map directions to get there.