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mum-mum is not going away

mum-mum is way too skinny (I am?)

mum-mum is a common word in chinese meaning eat

mum-mum is great

mum-mum is here

mum-mum is a food blog

mum-mum is worrking more than she expected to (got that rite)

mum-mum is a flash interactive map of food spots in malaysia (not yet lah!)

mum-mum is ok

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: : Blogger’s Meet : :


Tsk tsk *sniff*

You guys and gals don’t ajak me…
NSDS3 | | 09.29.03 – 5:44 pm | #


aik! sorry! lupak lah woman…

wait a min… u never say u were from sarawak wor. *piak*

next outing is kuching jazz festival. wanna go?

Wena | 09.29.03 – 7:03 pm | #


Date? I’m the person who is hard to go on outing.

NSDS3 | 09.29.03 – 11:05 pm | #


then what are u complaining for? *Piak*


Wena | Email | 09.29.03 – 11:35 pm | #


Hey, I want to go, want to meet bloggers! KL is too far away!

NSDS3 | 09.30.03 – 1:00 am | #


Soweee… wasn’t awake when I posted that comment. Didn’t see the word date there. Thought u meant u didn’t wanna meet up. Okay, next bloggers meet, will let you know. And the rest of the world out there. :p

Although, seriously speaking, it’ll probably be during the Jazz Festival. Wanna go?

: : Manic Mondays : :

Don’t you just love Mondays. Busy with work after a great two days off. First it was the traffic jam. Then it was morning meetings. Followed by impossible datelines. Thought that lunch would be better. Was I wrong on that count.

It started with a group of us going to Chilli Peppers for lunch. The usual lunchspot, we thought we could just sit down, chat and eat. When we got there, the place was full! No spot to sit down. Saw a few tables that were supposed to be emptied but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the diners just had to stay seated and chit chat and just act cool. Kids. Hummph!

So, off we went to Da-Light Hawker Center which was 5 minutes away. Once there, found out that all the HALAL stalls were closed! Well, too bad for Harris and Ruby. So, we went another food court called King’s Centre but still couldn’t find a HALAL food stall around.

So back we went to Chilli Peppers, this time finding a table free. Was ready to blow by then. And the silly kids (college students) were still there. Grr…

I’ve taken so much pictures at Chilli Peppers that was trying to remember what was in the blog and what wasn’t. Think this one wasn’t in yet. Belachan mee hoon, ordered by Jacqueline. Definitely a person who enjoys her food. Well, she did eat everything up. :p

As for me, it was tomato kway teow again. Can’t help it that I like it. :p

: : Elephant Cafe : :

Another meeting with bloggers. Don’t know why but this week, am meeting up with a lot of them lately.

This time, the meet was arranged by the Hobbits. Let’s see, there was Gette, Joyce, Sheebs and Andrea. Then, Maylin and Melvin decided to drop by, Melvin now being the only guy amongst all the ladies. Bin Gregory and Syazfina couldn’t make so it was just us, chit-chatting the afternoon away. And, everyone is whipping up cameras to take pictures of people and (of course) food.

I had a Mocha Freeze to start off and Joyce had a Wild Tribe Mocha. Looks the same except that mine had more chocolate and Joyce’s had more coffee. I later had the Wild Tribe Mocha.

Gette had this to drink : chocolate banana mix. Smelt so divine…. sigh… and of course, finished completely.

This is the signature drink for Elephant Cafe. A tea that is mixed with chopped orange peels, some lime(?) and sumboi (plum) powder. Sheebs had this.

Maylin ordered some hot tea but I didn’t get the flavour. Oh well. It was strawberry tea. (“,)

Melvin had spaghetti bolognaise. Quick a big portion. Think he shared it with Maylin but I’m not sure. Was too busy chatting away with the others on Bookcrossing and Jazz Festival and other stuff. Incidently Maylin signed up as a volunteer. Wished I had the time to do those stuff.

Joyce and Gette had the Mushroom and Chicken Fusili. Smelled so good.

I kept thinking this was chicken and everyone else had to set me right. It’s Cajun Fish Fillet. Was still very blur from Friday’s nite out. It came late and I suspected that they totally forgot about this. Cheh! Still, it was worth the wait but everyone had to wait for me to finish eating. Hmmm…

Looks like a cocktail drink doesn’t it? It’s just Sprite with Blue Caracao added to it. Interesting look anyways.

Next meet with the Hobbits will be after 19 Oct for Bookcrossing at Elephant Cafe and the Kuching Jazz Festival. Going to bring my Dad’s videocam to try it out that night. Woo hoo!

: : Coffee Master, Somerset Gateway : :

I actually wanted to put up pictures of my dinner last nite at the Luna restaurant. Was a bit shy to take pictures in such as crowded area and with the possibility of the hostess screaming down my head. Hmm… garang (fierce) one that one. Yes, Luna is already opened for business. Dinner could be better but they’re still new at it. BJ, UJ, CKi and I didn’t want to offer any suggestions as everyone looked so stressed out. So, decided to post pictures from Coffee Master instead.

After the dinner at Hai Pa Wang, we were off to have coffee at Somerset Gateway. And you know what? I didn’t even know this coffee place existed. Talk about being so blur for an entire year. It’s a great place for coffee with cheap prices and great coffee, dessert and tea.

Melvin had this ice-blended coffee drink with pearls inside. Can’t remember the name of the coffee. Something like black island with pearls or something. Was puzzled why the drink wasn’t sweet until he saw the cup of syrup next to eat.

Of course, having a bottomless pit for the stomach, he still had space for a slice of Rich Chocolate Cake. Tasted great but extremely sweet.

I had some tiramisu other it was a bit disappointing in taste. Didn’t realised it was going to come in a cup. Of course, this is the halal version i.e. minus the alcohol. Darn.

Still, the oreo-flavoured coffee was great. Looking at the top, the mashed pieces of oreos reminded me of black wooden chips found on the seashore. Urgh! Tried very hard not to think about it.

I think this was jasmine tea with lime. Lisa had this and it smelled so nice. The tea leaves and lime is put into a strainer and later removed after brewing in the hot water for awhile.

Jackson and Christina has green tea instead. Always a good choice. Also, found out that Yeo’s Green Tea canned drink goes extremely well with Chivas Regal. Lovely, absolutely lovely. That was on Friday nite. :p Anyway, back to Coffee Master.

I think Maylin had this : Chrysanthemum Tea. A favourite found in many Asian countries. Notice the flowers bobbing about in the hot water? Smelled so nice. Very cooling when one has sore throat.


Coffee Master

Level 4 Somerset Gateway

Residents’ Lounge

No. 9, Jalan Bukit Mata

Tel : 250 958

Monday to Sunday

11 am – 11 pm

Note that the last order is taken at 10.30 pm.

It was a very nice coffee joint to end a very filling dinner on Wednesday nite. Wanted to go there again but went too late at 11 pm. Darned it! Oh well.

As for Luna, would recommend that one goes after a couple more weeks. Since it’s a new establishment, everything is chaotic so don’t be surprise with you have to wait for more than half an hour for your food to come. So, be patient with the staff if you want to go there now. Still, it’s worth going to check it out. I’m sure the food will improve a lot after this.

Anyway, there’s Elephant Cafe this afternoon with the Hobbits!

: : Kolo Mee at Carpenter Street : :

Gosh, haven’t been blogging for the past 2 days. Been so busy.

Last nite’s farewell party was seriously a blast. But came back very tired. By then it was 2 am by the time I slept.

Woke up early this morning (7 am!!) to pass some tuak bottles to sotong dude and the idiot didn’t turn on his phone. Luckily for the hotel operator and his pal was already awake to pick it up.

Dropped off the bottles, rushed back and change to go out with Lisa (a very very sweet and nice person and I think still single? okay, she’s not ;p), Jackson, Melvin and Maylin to eat Kolo Mee at Carpenter Street.

We ordered the mee without any garnishings as we had it with soup. It’s slightly sourish as a dash of vinegar is added in for taste.

With Spare Parts

Without Spare Parts

We ordered two bowls of soup : one with spare parts (internal organs of piggy wiggy) and one without (for Melvin). Everything was polished off except for the kolo mee which was a huge helping in itself.

The coffee shop is pretty small and be prepared to share tables. It’s the normal when going to that shop although when we went, there weren’t so many people yet. For those who are not used to MSG, do not go here. There is a lot of MSG in the soup so if you’re not used to it, you’re going to be pretty dizzy.

After that we went to the Courthouse as the other haven’t seen it since it was last renovated.

There was an exhibition going on about Chinese Muslim Calligraphy.

This picture was very intriguing. A boat written in Arabic. Will be putting more shots up later.

We later went to the other end of the street to there Artrageously Ramsay Ong Gallery. There was an exhibition of Ginny Sampson’s artwork. My favourite was a piece called Strung Out. Think it was slightly over RM1000 but can’t quite remember. Oh well. Should check it out. The pieces were great. Also, the gallery allows Sarawakians to pay by installments for their pieces. Interesting? Of course.