: : Junk Food Craving : :

Purchases after a long Monday at work.

I have a soft spot for Ligo’s Corn Chips and Arnott’s Shapes : Barbeque Chicken. Bought from Choice Daily at Tabuan Laru. Stock always finishes very fast!

My favourite Arnott’s Shapes? Bacon and Cheese!! :p Now that one is ALWAYS out of stock at Choice Daily.

: : Expert Food Court, Tabuan Jaya : :

Moo moo noodles. Poor mama cow.

It’s Beef Noodles at Expert Food Court, Tabuan Jaya. Next to Thompson Corner, behind Bank Utama.

Nearly didn’t get the pics up. Didn’t realised I named the pics beer_noodles instead of beef_noodles. Talk about being blur on Mondays.

It tasted very good, that’s for sure. One of the best beef noodles I’ve tasted in a long time. It’s also slightly spicy. Unfortunately, not halal. But, if I remember correctly, there is a halal mee sapi stall in Muara Tabuan, less than 5 minutes away.

I can hear stomach growls all the way from KL.