: : Kuching Fest Part VI : :

Took Granny to Kuching Fest this evening. It was hilarious!

Granny : You don’t pay ah! You already pay for so many different types of food already you know! Everytime you tapau back for us!’

Wena : Errr… okay, if you say so.

Granny : Want to eat spicy food lah!

Wena : Okay okay okay.

Raw Stingray

Panggang (barbeque) Sting Ray on Banana Leaf

Granny : How they cook stingray?

Wena : Panggang (barbeque) on banana leaf with lots and lots of sambal. Thai style.

Granny : OKAY! We order one! I wanna taste sambal. Can taste what is inside.

(Granny’s Verdict : Sambal made from dried prawn, chillis, belacan, onions pounded together and later fried).

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce

Granny : Wah! Satay smell nice lah!

Wena : Err… sure can finish or not? Not yet finish walking around lah!

Granny : Can finish lah! Your ku-ku kuat makan (Uncle eats a lot!)

(Granny’s Verdict : Satay has no fat in it which was good. Stall is next to Sugarbun stall. Cute guy manning the stall too! :p )

Thai Style Tang Hoon

Thai Style Kway Teow

Granny : Pedas ah? (Spicy?)

Hawker : Tang Hoon a little bit. But kway teow no.

Granny : Try try lor. Tapau (take-away) one each.

(Wena’s Verdict : Tang Hoon was nearly finished by Granny. She luv it so much!)

Japanese Pancake

Granny : What is that?

Wena : Japanese pancake.

Granny : Nice ah?

Wena : Yep. Loads of vegetables but a lot of mayonnaise.

Granny : Never mind. One time try enough.

(Granny’s Verdict : Not salty lah! Cheh! Have to eat with soy sauce!)

Prawn Tempura

Maki Set

Granny : Eh! Kuku (Uncle Cyril) wants to eat sushi lah!

Wena : Okay, we get him this lor.

(Wena’s Verdict : I finished it as Uncle Cyril was having dinner outside. *wink*)

Didn’t managed to finish everything so saving it for tomorrow. Granny wants to go again tomorrow! Wah!