: : Granny Pounding Chilli : :

Actually forgot to post this video up. It’s Granny pounding the chilli and other ingredients together to get the chilli sauce.

Gawd, I hate JARING dialup. The past few days since Monday was bad. Well, procrastinated enough. Going to go to Kedai Telekom tomorrow and get Streamnyx.

As for pics, a bit sporadic for the next few days. What to do? Gotta wait people while I sort it all out.

: : Pasar Kampung, Tabuan Laru : :

I wonder if it’s going to be a long-term thing that Jaring is slowly down all of a sudden. Sigh. Couldn’t even surf the net last nite. Everything is now a day late. Screaming my frustrations will do no good. Am now seriously considering streamnyx but we’ll see. Hopefully, things will start to look up by the end of the week.

Lunch yesterday was at Pasar Kampung and I’m running out of choices to post up from that place. So, we have to make do with pictures of chicken salad and ais jagung with sago.

Jac had the chicken salad today which I usually avoid. Not a big fan of thousand island sauce and if one eats chicken rice, one can get a better deal. Still, made a good picture.

I’m just a fan of ais jagung (iced corn) but this time, I ask that sago pearls be added in. Adds an interesting flavour and taste to the whole dish. Overall, the entire drink is a glucose bomb, as grace would say.

Grace, I need MagiK to speed up my connection at home lah! ;p