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A bit of a Korean theme tonight. 🙂

Korean Instant Noodles : Kimchi Flavour


Korean Instant Noodles : Kimchi Flavour

Kimchi flavour instant noodles. One of the best things that one can find in a supermarket. hot hot hot! better than Maggi’s Tom Yam Flavoured noodles. Man, it packs a wallop!


Bought two types of Kimchi (Korean version of acar @ preserved vegetables) from the Annual Hilton Charity Bazaar. The Koreana Restaurant opposite the hotel was selling them.

Bak choi with chilli. Believe me, this is seriously spicy. Couldn’t take more than a few. Same with Granny. She started to speculate how to do it. Hmm… have to check with my Korean collegues on how to do it. Must pry the recipe from them. This tub will probably last us for a week!

Seaweed version but without the chilli. They added in sesame seed and some cucumber. Too fishy for Granny but nice for me. Goes well with the noodles.

Address of the restaurant. Note that it is NON-HALAL because they serve pork there.

I don’t think there is a HALAL korean restaurant in Kuching. However, Seoul Garden at 3rd Mile does not cook pork at all and I think they have a license. Am not sure. Have to check it out one day. The kimchi in Seoul Garden isn’t as hot as the one at Koreana but the husband and wife team are extremely friendly. They will go out of their way to get the food you like. One of the times I was there, they went looking for fish to cook a meal for us even though it wasn’t on the menu! Nice couple. Also, cheaper than Koreana.

There is another Korean restaurant in town called Dae Ba Ru. Haven’t gone there yet but heard that prices are STEEP. Hmm… will think about it. Little Lebanon comes first!

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Well, it’s *partially* done but have moved most of the important stuff now.

New address for mum-mum’s is http://www.mum-mum.info/blog.htm.

Bit slow bandwidth but it’s FREE! Thanks to Mr. T! Note that the Blog*Spot url will be closed in the next few weeks.

This doesn’t include migration to MT, yet. Another headache. Well, I’m being optimistic. Imagine having to transfer for 12 months worth of pics and archives. *SHUDDER*

Food posts will go up later tonight!