: : Chin Hiang Chay, Jalan Padungan : :

Made a side trip with Granny to pick up some mooncakes from Chin Hiang Chay. The shop is located along Jalan Padungan, another street full of Chinese shops, hardware shops, fruit stalls that open till late and many bakeries selling old-fashioned Chinese pastries!

A bit lazy to describe the various mooncake found in Chin Hiang Chay. So, enjoy the pics! Note that this is a non-halal shop i.e. they use lard (a.k.a. pig fat!) to make the mooncakes. Also good to ask how long the mooncake has been around. You just might pick up a stale one.

Suresh, still torturing yourself? :p

: : Sarawakian Fruits : :

Bin Gregory’s post on the various fruits found in Sarawak. There are more out there for sure but he does provide an interesting writeup.

Buah Terap : Similar to Nangka (Jackfruit) and Cempedak. Stinks like anything. But only the outer layer smells.

Mata Kuching : Everyone’s favourite. Note that it needs to be soak in water for a few minutes because a lot of pesticides are usually sprayed onto the fruit and the outer layer is very thin. Taste great after being chilled in the fridge.

Buah Salak : I’ve never tasted it before. Then again, there are a lot of jungle produce found in the local wet market. Looks interesting.

Dragonfruit : Very filling fruit. Looks peculiar but it’s actually quite tasty.

Enjoy the read and drool over the pictures!

: : Kuching Fest Part IX : :

Granny : I am READY to go!! Quick quick before rain starts!

Very big hint for me to get myself out of bed after a very nice afternoon nap. And yes, we did go to Kuching Fest again. 2nd last day today. Last day is tomorrow.

Roasted Chestnuts

Granny : Must try one! Cook with sand!

Wena : Sand? Doesn’t look like sand. Wonder what it is? Oh well. Never mind. We buy lah! As long can eat mah!

Hawker : Auntie, have to wait 10 min! Not cook yet!

Granny : Wah! Like that we come back later!

Ayam Pansor / Bamboo Chicken

Iban Stall next to Thai stall. Granny got curious while waiting for me to get her a bowl of Tom Yam Soup and Tang Hoon Noodles.

Hawker : Auntie! Try lah! Got kampung ayam(village chicken) inside. Sedap! (Tasty!)

Granny : Pick nice nice one for me!

Hawker : Okay Auntie. Take this one. Here, ikat (tie) for you so that can carry.

Granny : Thank you ah!

Well, it’s mostly chicken soup but flavoured with lemon grass and some wild tapioca leaves. Very tasty. Buying bamboo chicken is based mainly on your luck. Sometimes it comes out well, sometimes not.

Taiwan Sausage and Char Kueh

Wena : Since Kuching Fest almost finish, we try the Taiwan sausage. Okay?

Granny : Okay.

Wena : We get two pieces only lah.

Granny : No! Four better!

Wena : …

Granny : Can finish lah! Kuku (Uncle Cyril) will also eat it mah! Also, can eat tomorrow.

Wena : Okay lor. Let’s also get some char kueh!

Granny : 🙂

Sausages were very sweet. Urgh. I prefer the spicy ones from Choice Daily. Nothing special about Taiwan Sausages. The German sausages are a lot better. Of course, non-halal.

Roasted Chestnut : Conclusion

I went to buy the roasted chestnut.

Granny : Buy 500 g one wor!

Wena : Got lah! So many people. Next time, I buy for you from Sarbekas.

Granny : So mahal (expensive) one. 1 kilo RM20. Ish! Penang cheaper!

Wena : Ahem. When was the last time you were back in Penang?

Granny : *sheepish grin* (interpreted as VERY VERY LONG TIME AGO!)

Well, it tasted really good. Every chestnut that I opened is sweet. The chestnuts were either sweetened initially or altered genetically. Looking at the back of the bag, found out that the main distributor is located in Brunei! Curiouser and curiouser. Still, the chestnuts are pretty good and this particular hawker has outlets at Wisma Sarberkas, Batu Kawah and 4th Mile. 🙂