: : Snacks : :

After lunch, went to the supermarket in Tabuan Jaya to get some snacks for the afternoon.

Snacks are priced based on the weight.

I bought some spicy potatoe crisps and the red ang to that was part of the moving gif. 🙂 Still, it was a rush back to the office to make it back in time! Luckily, I was the driver. As usual. Need the cold air-con of a PROTON car.

: : Granny’s Feedback : :

Lennonist and fang have some input regarding the Hainanese chilli sauce shown i.e. no ginger and using chicken stock to make the sauce. Well, had a long chat with her this evening on how to make it. She admitted that it’s not the actual Hainanese recipe because of the ginger. So, here is her recipe :

Hainanese Chilli Sauce : Chilli, Garlic, no sugar

Nonya Chilli Sauce : Chilli, sugar

Her recipe : Chilli, Garlic, Ginger (she loves this stuff!), purple shallots, sugar, a pinch of salt

We had a good laugh over the comments. She also says hi. 🙂

: : Moving Snacks : :

Fooling around with the camera and some snacks.


Took it using CLIP MOTION setting on SONY camera. kewl huh? Only problem was that I forgot to fix the light settings, hence some shots are whiter than others. :p