: : Granny’s Chilli Sauce : :

Granny was making more of the chilli sauce that we had the other night.

Ingredients were chilli, ginger, garlic, sugar, vinegar and some hot water to melt the sugar and dilute the sauce.

Remove the skin from the ginger. Note that ginger will heat up your body. Granny mentioned that the skin of the ginger is very good when one has constipation.

Slice the ginger into thin slices. She is using the old-fashioned pestle and mortar to pound the ingredients together. A food blender can also be used except that the chilli seeds will not be grinded.

Garlic and chilli.

Add the chilli and garlic with the ginger and start pounding it together.

This is how it looks like in the end. Remove the sauce and put it into a small bowl.

Add some vinegar. Granny added about 2 tablespoon of vinegar but you can put less if you do not like the taste.

Add in some sugar.

Add some hot water to dilute the sauce and also to melt the sugar. Mix everything together until the sugar has melted. The sauce can be kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks due to the presence of vinegar.

Well, that’s it. 🙂 It went well with the bee hoon she made for lunch.

: : Featured in International Times : :

Fion Tang’s article on blogging came out today in the local Chinese daily and this blog was one of the blogs talked about. And yours truly does not understand a single word of Mandarin. Pathetic, huh?

Anyway, managed to understand a bit more with Granny’s help. We had a good laugh over the article. Unfortunately, the article is not online so I couldn’t get the Babelfish to do a translation. 🙁 Oh well.

For those who can read mandarin, here are snapshots of the articles.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IX

Part X

Below are my answers to Fion’s questions when she first approached me.

1, How did you start writing the blog? How long d u hav ur blog? Why are you writing a blog?

I have two blogs : one personal called …nA:nU:nA:nU… (http://wena.blogspot.com) which I first started after reading a few blogs over the internet. This one was to give some news from Sarawak to my sister studying in the USA. The other blog is Mum-Mum (http://www.mum-mum.info) where I do daily (so far that is) reviews on food that I eat everyday. Sometimes it’s hawker stall food, restaurant food or just my Grandmother’s cooking. Again, it’s to send some pics of food to my sis but later on, it was also for the

rest of my family around the world i.e. parents, aunties/uncles and cousins.

(Note : …nA:nU:nA:nU… is now at http://www.mum-mum.info/wena/blog.htm.)

2, How often u update ur blog?

For Mum-mum, so far it’s been a daily update which I’m amazed myself. For nA:nU, it’s every few days or even a week later. I’m just waiting to see how long I can keep posting up pictures of food. Drives everyone crazy with all the delicious food in Kuching.

3, Did blogging change anything in your life?

*I’m now like the crazy Japanese tourist with a digital camera clicking pictures everywhere. My friends are kind enough to put up with it. They let me take pictures of their food first before eating it. They are very patient with me.

4, Do you think bloggers want to attract others attention from reading their blogs or writing of their personal life in their blogs?

*Some bloggers write to express their opinions and do not expect any feedback. Others do it to pass news to others. Then there are those who just want to write about something they are interested in e.g. formula one, politics, pictures, food (ahem). Can find all sorts of people who has blogs. Attract attention? Yes, definitely. Otherwise, why would it be online? 🙂

5, Though blogs, bloggers can release their emotions or get to communicate with the others?

*No, blogging is one of the ways to do so. There are many other ways to do i.e. internet chatting without having to put up a blog. Although, blogging is probably the easiest to do.

(Note : Can’t believe I actually typed that out. My fingers seem so detached from my brain these days.)

6, Did you get to know any friends though bloging? Can blog introduce new friendships to you?

*Of course. Through ::mum-mum::, I made friends with other bloggers and they’ve been helpful in helping me with setting up blogs. They are from all over the world. Most of them, I got to know from Project Petaling Street (http://www.petalingstreet.org) which is a portal for Malaysian bloggers.

7, Do you show your real personal life in the blog or embellished it?

*I’m myself in my blog. The conversations with my grandmother is definitely real and humorous. 🙂

8, Will you share your blog with your family or friends?

*Already have. Sharing it with family in USA, Europe and Australia.

9, Do you think Blogging is known widely in local?

*I don’t know actually. I have met up with 2 other Kuching bloggers (Joyce and Gette) but have not met up with anyone else.

10, What is the difference between you doing your own homepage and writing your blog?

*Easier to update a blog. I use www.blogger.com to update my blogs. It’s easier to do. Of course, in the beginning, there was a lot of hassle to do the template but after that, it was easier.

11, Is your blog done by 2 person or by yourself?

*For nAnU, it’s my own. For ::mum-mum::, there is a guest blogger from KL who send me food pictures from KL. Although, I’ve only put up two postings of food in KL so far. Will have more in the future.

That’s all the questions I answered. Not sure whether it came out the same way in the article though. Oh well. Fion mentioned that she will let me know when she is posting it online. I’m assuming it’s her own blog. 🙂 Will wait for her next email.

As for Granny, her one comment was, “You didn’t get paid ah? Haiya!” LOL! That’s Granny for you. 🙂

: : Mooncake Festival : :

Cleaning my email today since it’s so full of virus-infected emails. My Yahoo!Mail is packed with junk after junk of nonsense.

Still it was nice to see a little mooncake fooling around. Pretty cute I thought.

Now I’m having 2nd thoughts of eating the mooncake. NOT! :p