: : Teaser : :

Tempting you all with a pic of food from KL. Taken recently. Now, is Wena really in KL or not?


I’ve always had a soft spot for lala. Probably because I cannot get it here in Sarawak. Sigh. Sarawakians, you do not know what you’re missing. It’s tasty. Better tasting than chuk-chuk. Oohhh! I miss it so much!

Ginger, garlic and shallots for cooking the above Lala dish!

This particular version was cooked with garlic, ginger, shallots, chilli padi AND chinese wine ‘shao xing jiu’. Yummy yummy for tummy!

The only place that one can possibly get this in East Malaysia is Kota Kinabalu. However, do not eat it during the red tide or rather HAB! You do want to survive the morning after, right? :p

I could be wrong but just have never seen anyone cooking it in Kuching! If there is a place, someone point it out to me quick!

Okay, enough suspense.


Perhaps a bit more.

Pics were taken by a loyal mum-mum blogger living in KL. 🙂

Secret identidy will be revealed in…

…another few more posts.

Or more. ;p

More pics of food from KL will be posted up at mum-mum!

: : Kuching Fest Part V : :

I have a confession to make. I have a soft spot for tau foo fa. *sheepish grin*

Leng Chee Kang and Tau Foo Fa

‘Hi! Back again? Came back everydah lah!’ That’s how bad it got : the lady manning the stall recognize me at Kuching Fest this evening. Bought some tau foo fa and leng chee kang for Granny and Uncle Cyril. The tau foo fa (soya bean jelly?) is extremely smooth. So far, the best I’ve had in Kuching. Unfortunately, this couple does not have a stall anywhere in Kuching. They only have the stall until 17 Aug when the fest is over. Sigh. Then again, they will also be opening a stall during the Moon Cake Festival along Carpenter Street.

Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk

I also brought back some Thai Dessert for Granny. This is water chestnut in coconut milk. *Dreamy sigh*. Will always have one if I’m having dinner/lunch at the Lok Thian restaurant. Very cooling. The water chestnut is first coated with tapioca flour and then cooked in water. Red food coloring and sugar is then added. Put it into a bowl and add some coconut milk. Lastly, top it with ice shavings. Yum!

Sushi from Tenichi

Tenichi, the Lok Thian Japanese restaurant, had a modest booth at the Kuching Fest. Shown here are some of the sushi available and not that expensive either. But, didn’t buy any as the Lunch Set is a better deal AND you get aircon when you go to eat at the restaurant.


Wade!!! (Did I get the spelling right? If not, let me know. Thanx.) Ohhh! Nice nice Indian kuih. Famous one is the Indian lady selling it at Kenyalang Park from 10 am onwards. It’s SO delicious.

Roasted Pork

Some pics of roasted pork and roast chicken. 🙂 Okay, an obvious non-halal dish. For non-Muslims, looks good. Crispy skin and all. 🙂

Taiwan Sausages

Am not sure why they call this Taiwan sausages. Looks suspicious like the Western pork sausages. Hmm… didn’t buy any. Looks too greasy but a lot of people were at the stall. From the notice, looks like some were spicy and some were not. Maybe will try it one day.

That’s all for now! Last part of Kuching Fest will be posted tomorrow! Note that Kuching Fest ends on 17 August.