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Pictures were taken on Monday as I did not take any pics today. Long day at work.

Siao Bak (Roasted Belly Pork)

Roasted Belly Pork

All little kiddies favourite. Roasted Belly Pork. Yep, from the pig’s STOMACH! Well, from around that region but not the actual stomach. :p Actually, Granny didn’t cook this. Rather, we bought it from Kuching Fest. She just fried it again to get it crispy.

Salted Veggie

Salted Veggie

A great Nonya dish. Granny cooked it with pork but it can be done with chicken meat as well. Need loads of ginger and some sugar to neutralize the sourish taste of the salted vegetable. This dish is stir-fried. 🙂 Great with porridge any day!