: : Kuching Fest Part I : :

As promised, some of the pics from the Kuching Food Fest.

BBQ Chicken

Ahhhhh! The smell of BBQ chicken wings. Didn’t take any. Saving for other foodie goodies. A point of interest : Sugarbun and KFC always put up a booth for fast food. But not as popular as the other stalls. Prices too expensive mah!

Bamboo Chicken

Surprise? An Iban delicacy and one of my favourites. However, didn’t buy the meal because it’s pretty hard to finish one bamboo-filled-with-chicken between 2 people.


Definitely a favourite among all. Quick snack or a meal in itself, it’s a feast for all! And I just luv the baby squid. Yum! Fattening though. Fried stuff. Even offers Bishop’s Noses! LOL! Translation : the chicken’s butt! I don’t like it but other Asians do.

Well, that’s enough for today. Part II would hopefully be up tomorrow at a new url.

Watch this space tomorrow night.

: : Getting Full : :

No, it’s not me but rather the account I’m having at Blog*Spot.

Why Blog*Spot? Well, when I first started blogging, I didn’t know much about hosts and how cheap it was. Now, am 2 months and 300 pics older and wiser. Then again, it helps to have a generous cousin who was willing to host mum-mum. 🙂

So, will only post one last blog later on tonite. Will be busy this weekend transferring the files.

Don’t panic. Repeat : DON’T PANIC!

mum-mum is not going away, just moving to a new home.

Hopefully, will be up by tomorrow afternoon.