: : A Tale of Childhood Days : :

Flashback of a 13 year old gal of incident at a coffee shop.

It began with lunch with Mum, sis, Auntie Maria and Yzara. Was at an air-con coffee shop called Supreme’s.

All was present. Families coming and doing. Just finish off some Nasi Lemak.

Suddenly, the air was filled with sounds of big motorcycles.


All eyes turn to look outside.

Big tough guys wearing black leather jackets. Hopping off their big, mean, shiny machines.

Silence reigned in the coffee shop. No one dared say anything as the biker dudes made their way towards the coffee shop.



Suddenly, the silence was broken.

Oi boss! Orange Juice satu!


And all was well once more as laughter started ringing throughout the coffeeshop.

: : Kuching Fest Part IV : :

Just found out that cousin Lolly is getting dinner inspiration from this blog. LOL! Well done on the mee sua! Here are some more pics of Kuching Fest that will ‘inspire’ you. 🙂


Steamed chicken for chicken rice! Actually, this is one of the easiest Chinese dishes to do. Even the rice is easy to do. Need to get some sort of perforated tray (tray with holes lah) that can fit the rice pot. Put the rice with water into the rice pot. Then put the tray on top. Place some pieces of chicken (must rub with salt and pepper first) and some spring onions. Close the rice cooker lid and turn it on. This method can only be done with the conventional rice cooker.

If you do not want to do it this way, can also prepare the rice and chicken separately. It’s easier to prepare the chicken rice using a rice cooker but it can also be done just as easily in a microwave oven. Add in some chicken stock with the water and rice. Can use cubes or bottled Maggi chicken stock. However, D’d go easy on this so don’t put too much. for a bowl of rice, think 1/4 stock cube/1 tablespoon of Maggi chicken stock will do.

As for the chicken, there is always the option of boiling it. 🙂 Easier than steaming. Then again, it’s everyone’s taste.


Popiah is actually fresh springrolls/eggrolls. Usually made fresh for the day to sell. The filling is cook but not the skin. 🙂 Not sure how to make the skin though. Anyone care to donate a recipe? 🙂

Oink Oink parts

Ingredients for Kueh Chap : piggy parts. Shown are the skin, the intestines, cartilage, liver. It’s an acquired taste for the beginner. Gourmet parts, wot? :p LOL!

Ais Kacang

🙂 Ingredients for ais kacang @ iced peanut drinks. What I wouldn’t give for one right now. So bloody hot tonight. Stupid haze has started in Kuching. Even the sun is starting to look blur. Sigh. Anyway, back to ice kacang, you can pick and choose the ingredients. Again, an easy drink to do. It’s just ice shavings with fruit, jelly, evaporated milk, a few drops of Grenaldine and gula melaka. Gula melaka can also be substituted with brown sugar. As for evaporated milk, can substitute it with coconut milk. 🙂

Lui Cha

Ingredients for Lui Cha which is a vegetarian dish. I’ve never eaten it myself but some friends like it. Looks good so I took some photos. Think it’s called Lui Cha. Can’t remember. If I’m not correct, please do let me know. Thanks.

Well, that’s all for now. 🙂 Another two more posts to finish all the photos of Kuching Fest. 🙂