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Why not do it today? I did.

It’s always saddening to hear how a lot of people out there don’t have enough food for even one meal. And here I am with Granny spending RM50 for every trip we go to Kuching Fest to get food for the 3 of us living here (including Uncle Cyril).

So, do a good deed today and click! Link is on the Slices sidebar just below the counter. One click and you have donated some food to a poor child somewhere in the world. It takes a lot of money just to transport the food over.

Hmm… someone should consider doing it in Malaysia! If not food, then medication and hospitalization fees. What say you?

: : Kuching Fest Part VII : :

It was a dark and stormy night. The skies were dark. It all started like this…

Opening Act

Granny : Wah! Sky dark lah! Better go now! Else basah (wet) at Kuching Fest!

Wena : No lah! Still early! Only 5 pm. No stall buka (open) now lah.

Granny : *Sigh* Okay. Go at 5:30 pm okie? Can can?

Wena : Yes. No worries. 🙂 You know what you want?

Granny : Ya ya! I wanna try giant u char kueh, thai bee hoon again, chee cheong fan!

Wena : 🙂 . Okay then. I’ll bring basket this time. Easier to carry.

Granny : Ya! Must bring one lor!

Act I : Chee Cheong Fan

Prawn Chee Cheong Fan

Granny : Wah! Look so small lah!

Hawker : Auntie ah! Wan to order or not?

Granny : Yah. Two chicken and two prawn one ah. Long time to cook or not?

Wena : Errr… sounds like too much.

Granny : No lah! See? So small one! Can finish!

Wena : Hmm…. sure or not?

Granny : Aiya! If cannot finish, eat tomorrow loh! 😉

(Postnote : We could not finish half of it! Did not put up the pic of the chicken chee cheong fan as it look so horrible when we put it on the plate. Not photogenic at all! :p)

Act II : Satay

Wena : You sure you want to eat satay again?

Granny : Yah lah! Yesterday only eat 3 pieces!

Wena : Okay. If you say so.

(Postnote : She only ate two pieces tonight. ;p)

Act III : Thai Bee Hoon

Granny : Yay! Can eat eat spicy one.

(Postnote : She finished half the portion by herself.)

Act IV : Giant U Char Kueh

Granny : Where is the u char kueh stall ah? Cannot see one!

Wena : Over there lah!

Granny : *Squints* Ah! Okay! We buy 3 pieces ah! One each : you, me, Ah Leng Kuku (Uncle Cyril).

Wena : Okay. Bit expensive lor. 3 pcs for RM2?

Granny : Try try once mah!

(Postnote : It was worth it. The pic show the U Char Kueh cut into half. Very crispy and fluffy. Pity no chuk (porridge) to eat it with.)

Act V : Life Cafe Spicy Noodles

Wena : I’m going to have some. (3rd time already!)

Granny : Okay. Make sure spicy oh.

(Postnote : She had half of it. TO HERSELF! :p)

Act VI : The Heavens Open Up

Granny : Aiyo! Raining lah!

Wena : Go back home lah! Not so bad yet!


The two Chinese ladies, one old and the other one young, managed to get back to their vehicle. Completely drenched in fresh and rainy water, they made their way back home for hot showers. To end such a memorable weekend, they tuck into a delicious spread of food. Granny is happy for another year.

: : More Links : :

Not on food though. :p

Have updated my link sidebar titled Slicess.

Mum decided to start her own blog since me and my sister have started ours. Main theme is Asian Women in today’s world. Very serious blog woh! But knowing her, she’ll make it amusing and funny. 🙂

Have added in a link to the Universal Blues Band in Singapore. My nephew (but only 3 yrs younger than me!), Trevor Jalla, is one of the band members in a band formed by Danny Loong. Hearing him sing the blues, you wouldn’t know that he is a jungle boy. 🙂 They do occasionally play in Malaysia at No Black Tie, a Blues Place just behind Hotel Istana . To know when they are going to KL next, email them for updates at his site! In Singapore, they perform regularly at Harrys @ Esplanade and on the Singapore radio station at Perfect 10 (at least, I think they still do).

I’ve also been added to an interesting site called “Grow-a-Brain“. Very interesting actually. They put up links of interesting sites daily, including moi. 🙂 Good taste I should say. Hee hee! Anyway, it’s still worth it to check the links they have there.

On another note, Suresh Gnasegarah is looking for a political correspondant to provide insight on the political scene in both Sabah and Sarawak for Suara Malaysia.com. If you’re interested, please leave a comment anywhere in his personal blog. Ta!

: : Siam Kitchen, Mid-Valley Megamall : :

The mysterious cuisine reporter in KL has decided to post some more pictures. Food looks damn good!

Artistic and attractive menu cover

The location is at the Siam Kitchen at Mid-Valley Megamall. When I first saw the pictures, I thought that the deco looks so cool! Alas, the mysterious diner didn’t find the food all that spicy although it’s suppose to be Thai food. Hmm… I wonder if it’s because there was no request to make the food spicier? Hee hee! Going to get whack for that statement. However, it’s always a good practice to ask the waiter/waitress how hot/spicy is the food.

The menu :

Thai Belachan Rice

Thai Chilli Rice

Thai Kway Teow

Thai Pineapple Rice

Tom Yam

Thai Belachan Rice

Thai Belachan Rice

Thai Chilli Rice

Thai Chilli Rice

Thai Kway Teow

Thai Kway Teow

Note to meesh bro : doesn’t look like fettucine now, does it? :p

Thai Pineapple Rice

Thai Pineapple Rice

Tom Yam

Tom Yam Soup

What can I say about Tom Yam soup? Definitely Thai all the way! A must have when sitting down to eat Thai food. I prefer having Tom Yam with seafood rather than with chicken. Somehow, it brings out the taste of the soup a lot better.

Unfortunately, I can’t write much about this restaurant as have not eaten there before. Perhaps, the generous diner will be willing to email me some comments about that food? 🙂 Still, the pictures speak for themselves.

Siam Kitchen is located in the Mid-Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur. Endless rows of shopping and restaurants!