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It’s been a really long time since I last set foot at this place. The fact that I have to brave the horrendous Saturday morning traffic is already a turn-off, not to mention the crowd and the hot hot sun! Still, went out to check if there was anything interesting as there was some sort of food fair there. Wanted to see whether it’s worth bringing Granny there or not.

As soon as I got there, first thing I got was a nice cool drink. Believe me, it was pretty hot walking up and down the boulevard. Of course, everyone was giving me a goofy grin when they saw me taking pictures. The drinks were worth it though. I got mine in a little alley that was packed with hawkers selling food.

There were also quite a number of stalls selling langsat but as the weather was pretty hot, didn’t really want to buy it. Other than this and fruit stalls, not much interesting activities going on. Just a lot of people walking up and down the boulevard. There were a lot of people selling other stuff but nothing interesting.

Passing by one of the shops, I saw some coffee beans from Indonesia. Must remember to pack some with me when I go and see Jas in December. She is craving for them! When Dad went over last month, he brought over half a kilo of this stuff for her! The second pic is the grinder used to ground the beans into powder.

At the end of the boulevard is the new renovated courthouse where Little Lebanon is located. So, thought of buying some food back for Granny to try. Unfortunately, there weren’t ready at 11 a.m. So, walked around for another 45 minutes, passing Carpenter Street and back. Also went to the Padang Merdeka (Independance Field) to take some nice shots especially since the stage with the 40 yrs anniversary signage still up. The shop still wasn’t open at 11:45 a.m. Hmm… guess they’re still trying to sort themselves out. There’s no sign stating the opening times for Little Lebanon Express.

The menu at Little Lebanon Express. Definitely look interesting and the smells coming out of the Kuching was divine.

Well, they did have some lamb curry cooked in chillis.

As well as something called Falatel that is put in Arabic bread with some vegetables I think? Didn’t seem so appetizing to me so didn’t buy any. Then again, I was sweaty and hot and bothered. Spoke to the lady at the counter and she mentioned the best time to come is around 1 p.m. or evening time. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. The bad thing about this place is the parking space. There’s only 5-6 parking lots at the courthouse and everywhere else was already jam packed with cars. Maybe will pop by tomorrow afternoon to see whether it’s open or not.

On the way back to the car, again through the boulevard, past by the food stalls again. The little boy here stood staring at me for a few minutes wondering why am I taking his picture. Hee hee!

The guava fruits looked pretty good at this Chinese hawker stall. Didn’t feel like eating any as I did not want to get constipation. If one is suffering from stomach problems i.e. soft stool, better take guava. However, be careful not to take too much at one time! You will probably not be able to ‘past motion’ for quite a few days!

Some of the other kuih at the Chinese stall. Selling mooncake as well. The lady was funny when I bought some of those little cupcakes from her. Said that cannot see really well these days without glasses i.e. hinting to me that didn’t know I gave her RM5 for a RM1.50 kuih. Hmm… auntie auntie, tsk tsk.

After that, went off to Tun Jugah to enjoy the air-conditioning and the sale that is going there. Spent too much money there on clothes and other items. Hmm…

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