: : You pomelo, me orange : :

For pomelo lovers!

You have to try this out! It’s a cross between a pomelo and an orange. Taste sweet like a pomelo and slightly sour and tangy like an orange! Gotta take a pic of the opened fruit once it’s ripe. Takes forever to be ripe. 1/4 the size of a ripe pomelo. Have yet to see it in the market. Then again, I HATE going to the wet market. Can’t stand the smell.

Pomelo-Orange Fruit

The fruit!

BTW, pic was from Granny’s garden. She got the plant from the chap that cuts our grass every month. There is also a humongous rambutan tree at the back. Anyone for rambutans? Bears fruit in November / December. If it doesn’t rain too much. Totally organic and no pesticide sprayed on.

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