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I cheated this time. I saw an article on the kueh jala and by coincidence, it was being sold at the Rainforest World Music Festival. So, bought some and took it home to take pictures.

Kueh Jala is a favourite amongst the young and old. Translation is netting cake. Very fattening though. It’s very crunchy but it breaks easily. The batter is made from flour, brown sugar, salt and water. The batter is pour into a coconut husk that has many tiny holes drilled through. The batter then drips into a ban of hot oil. I love it. I suppose it’s more of a technique than anything else as one has to prevent the kueh from getting too burnt.

Kuih Jala

I found the article in the ‘Sarawak Discovery’ paper. It’s a free newspaper leaflet that I took from a hotel. Sorry, not online. It’s full of interesting articles. Am surprise that they do not put this online because it makes great reading for Sarawak. Oh well.

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