: : Little Lebanon, Renovated Courthouse : :

Pam : Are all security guards this friendly? Helping you to park your car and opening your door to get out?

Before anyone starts wondering who Wena really is, she owns a very humble green Proton Iswara and not a flashy Merz. I took Pam (who is from KL) to the Kuching Fest where all the food stalls were. We also walk quite a fair bit around the area. Also, check out two Honda models : Jazz and City. Very nice. Better stop before I digress further.

After the Kuching Fest, we drove to the newly renovated courthouse to have tea and dessert at a new restaurant called Little Lebanon. A Lebanase themed restaurant, it was recently opened to the public on Wednesday, in conjuction with the opening of the courthouse. As we drove in, the security guard guided us into the parking lot. I think he was more worried about us banging a YB’s Mercz than for my car getting scratched. Still, he graciously opened my door to help me out and chit chatted with us for awhile. Pam was most impressed. Then again, she is most impressed that I can get the waitresses and waiters wrapped around my finger. :p It’s called being charming AND courteous. :p

I actually took photos of the menu but as the waiters and waitresses starting gesturing wildly, I pretended to take a picture of Pam instead. Phew! Close call. Anyway, the pics didn’t come up well so doesn’t matter.

We ordered some Arab sweets. No turkish delight though, thank goodness. Those sweets are extremely sweet! We had something else equally sweet but not so sweet. The green stuff are pistachios, I think. Didn’t get the names of these sweets. Too tired to ask so much from the waitress and poor thing look so nervous. New to the job.

Anyway, that’s it for tonite. Address for the restaurant:

Little Lebanon

Middle Eastern Cuisine

1st Floor, Japanese Building,

Old Court House, Jalan Barrack,

Sarawak Tourism Complex,

93100 Kuching, Sarawak,


Tel : 082 – 247 523

Closed on Mondays

Lunch : 11.30 am – 3.00 pm

Dinner : 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm


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