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Brrr… it was a really cold day today with the rain pouring down in the morning and afternoon. The temperature at night has dropped down to 24 degrees Celsius which is considered really cold for this part of the equator. It is surprising because it’s supposed to be the start of the dry season at this time of year where it’s usually very hot and dry.

Coming back late from the office, Granny had cooked sweet and sour fish. The picture is a bit unsightly because my uncle wallop half of it. Tried to rearrange such that it looks more attractive but could not do it. Then again, when one is in a typical Chinese Restaurant, the food always look like one big mess.

Sweet and Sour Fish

To prepare the dish, Granny deep fried the fish in oil first until it was very crispy. The fish used is ikan tenggiri / mackeral. Yep, we’re still trying to clear the freezer of Uncle Cyril’s fishing catch a few weeks ago. Here’s a cooking tip to prevent the oil from spitting and popping : add a little bit of salt into the oil before frying. About less than 1/4 of a teaspoon is sufficient.

Granny then prepared the sauce using Maggi’s tomato sauce with slices of cucumber and onions. No additional sugar was added as the sweetness would have come from the tomato sauce and onions. No cornstarch was added, hence there was a lot of gravy on the side. Can’t really call it soup because it wasn’t that much but it wasn’t a lot that it was very thick gravy either. Well, I’m not complaining as this tastes a lot better compared to sweet and sour fish in UK!

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