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What are the dishes in this picture? Post your answers in the Comments section.

On another note, about 5 min ago, I just heard a car rattling over the road breaking really hard and hitting something. The back of the house faces the main road so usually, it’s a lot of ambulances racing towards the next town. So, kind of strange to hear an accident in the wee hours of the morning.

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  1. er…let’s see..
    one is kangkung..one is ikan goreng..
    one is sambal with onion+sotong+prawn..
    the other 2..unknown..

  2. Well i have no idea but it sure hell does look good indeed. I have to admit that I only eat and never wonder what it is called 😛

    Cheers!!! 😀

  3. i can see fried kangkung, ikan masin, sotong and prawn sambal and pulut hitam. The other vege dish i dont know…

    my name is fake

  4. i only know both the bottom one – left is kangkong, right is my favourite – prawn and sotong sambal! yummy!

    there is fish all right (top left) but what kind of fish is it? look so dried up.

  5. heyya i came across ur blog when i googled for “ulam ulam” hence i put ur url link on my blog. i hope u dun mind. i just love food blog 🙂

    my guess
    fresh salted fish (semenanjung we called it ikan pekasam), cekur manis, kangkung, sambal udang, the middle tu?… is it a small wild mushrooms?

    i love the fish and the sambal udang.. yummmmmm

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