: : Diary : :

Two new places that I heard that just opened recently. Mind you, recently as in the past few months. That’s how long I’ve haven’t been out eating.

Bollywood Cafe at Carpenter St. : Heard that one of my collegue’s Dad opened up a little cafe along Carpenter Street that serves Northern Indian cuisine.

Mango Tree at Crookshank Road : Previously know as Kikyo-Tei @ Japanese Restaurant, it is now the posh Thai restaurant that is a franchise around the world. One thing about having a food blog is that one always ends up arranging for gatherings. Am arranging for a farewell dinner for some friends. Here is their UK website. I remember finding their corporate website but now, can’t seem to find it again! Google is giving out too many hits on reviews rather than their official site! Although it is an expensive place to dine, they came up with a great menu within the budget that I asked for which was RM30 – RM35 per head (USD7.90 – USD9.21). It’s what you order that gives you an indication of the final bill. The ambience has been raved about a lot so worth to check it out.

BTW, if anyone is impatient for updates on food places in Kuching, check out Huai Bin’s site. He’s been going around to more food places than I have recently.

On another note, I heard a rumour that some shipments of freshwater prawns @ udang galah to the USA were rejected by the FDA. Reason being is that there were too much antibiotics in the prawn that was deem more harmful to health than normal. Hence, a lot of freshwater prawns are going really cheap in the market. Note that this is an UNVERIFIED RUMOUR so it’s anybody’s guess. I heard this from a colleague who mentioned it to me after I recount my dinner at the Junk with Baked Prawn (yeah, freshwater prawn) and Cheese. Both the freshwater prawn and tiger prawn is cultivated in “farms” in Sarawak. Suffice to say that I’m still hale and healthy.

: : Nonya Otak-Otak : :

What to do with a freezer full of mackeral.

Granny : Nah! Here! Try this!

Wena : Err…what’s inside?

Granny : Aiya! Otak-otak lah! I make one! Nonya style – must steam one wor!

Wena : Ok then! So big one!

Granny : Yalah! The tenggiri (mackeral) so big that easy to cut big big loh!

Wena : Oohhh…it looks nice.

Granny : Yah! Rub some santan (coconut milk), kunyit (tumeric powder), some chilli powder, serai (lemongrass) on the fish. Wrap with banana leaf and steam lor. Easy!

Wena : *munch munch* Nice nice.

Granny : Better than outside one. Put in oven or panggang (grill) not so good. This better. This is Nonya style. Cook like this in Penang one.

Haven’t posted up conversations like this in a long time. Hope you enjoy it folks. And for those who are new, Granny does talk like this. It’s always fun to talk to her like this. Sound very coy. LOL!