: : Mooncake Festival ~ Carpenter St. III : :

Know what makes a really good roast chicken? Other than marinating it with soy sauce and some sugar, that is. Add in some serai @ lemongrass and it tastes so good. The lemon flavour doesn’t taste so tangy and give a really nice small zing to the entire roasted chicken. Yum!

And the cook did the same thing to this quail. My, doesn’t they look juicy and yummy?

: : Green-Bean : :

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for some time but it just slipped my mind. Then when I went back to FoodGoat’s blog, I saw it again and it reminded me that I had something to do.

Loic Le Mur was adventurous when he tried this Green-Bean Paste Ice-Cream in China and got the shock of his life. Wait until you try out durian for the 1st time. Hee hee!

Jackie had an even stronger reaction. Pea Ice-Cream! Now this one, I had such a good laugh.

Right, now the green-bean itself is actually not a pea but a hard green-colour bean. I must admit the colour of the ice-cream puts me off quite a bit.

The bean is usually boiled with sugar and then served as a dessert or snack. It can be served hot or cold so you can have it on a hot day or cold day. It can even be made into ice-lollies or mixed with coconut milk. I’m suspecting that the ice-cream had a lot of preservatives inside (rampant in mainland China and Japan products) so probably would taste pretty horrible.

Now, let me show you another picture. This was taken at a food court in Kuching. See if you can spoke the green bean soup in this picture.

Here is the original posting on it. What I missed out was that the yellow soup on the upper left called Luk Tau Suan is also made from the same green bean, minus the skin. That certainly looks more appetizing no? The Luk Tau Suan is usually eaten with fluffy, light U Char Kueh.

I would say one human’s disgust is another human’s delicacy. I wonder now whether the Green Bean’s reputation is totally tarnish that people now will not be willing to try it out. Defenceless little ingredient. Ah well.

Speaking of which, I should boil some green beans and disgusts everyone on the blog. Would make a great Halloween posting, no? Hee hee…