: : Blogspot Hijack : :

Looks like Chia’s blog has been hijack since October 5 and Blogger has not responsded yet. The layout has been change.

He’s since change her layout and posted up observations of how he took over her blog via blogger’s dashboard. Goto babelfish to get a translation (Spanish to English).

Scarey, isn’t it? To have one’s blog hijack.

Still, the hijacker is giving a bad reputation to other Mexican bloggers out there. Sigh. Kids. According to Jeff’s posting, seems like he is asking for a laptop in return for her blog.

For Blogspot users, you can send your concerns via their Help feedback page.

Chia, I do hope you’ll get your blog back soon.

: : Dessert at the Junk : :

Dessert : Pavlova

Ingredients : Sugar base with whipped cream on top and a smattering of delicious fruits.

Beautifully done at the Junk Restaurant. Had dinner with David, Jack and Garnet. It was an interesting evening where we spoke about many things.

One of them was how the British “unionized” West Malaysia before 1957. Not literally, of course.

As for the main course, it was Baked Prawn with Cheese @ Prawn Thermidor. Two pieces of King Prawn (the huge ones that are as big as your hands) @ Udang Galah. It came with a huge portion of fries and salad for about RM32 @ USD 8.42 . Yummy, tasty.

For those hoping to go and have it there, it’s not from the regular menu but rather, the dish of the day.