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As with cases of inaccurate translation, here is an errata for the previous posting.

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so stupid! this girl wasn’t asking for a laptop….(LaptoP is not the SAME as PORtOlA!!!) portola is the can where the sardines live!!!…. please get a translator and don’t say stupid things!…

Well. My apologies then for posting the wrong information since I got it from another posting who refer it to another posting where a translation was posted up by an anonymous reader who volunteered for the translation.

Anyway, I’ve had enough of this matter on my blog. The comments for the previous 2 posting about Ailin’s blog is now switched off. Any future comments about this matter will be deleted.

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Duck stew with dark soy sauce, eggs and mushroom.

It’s fairly easy to do. Granny took a wok and on a medium fire with some oil, she put a whole duck into the wok. She then kept turning it until it was half cook. After that, she added in some water and some dark soy sauce. Turning the flame down to a low level, she simmered the duck in a wok. The wok also needs to be covered. The duck was cook for about 30-60 minutes until it was completely cook.

The duck was then left to cool down so that it was easier to cut it into smaller pieces after that. The smaller pieces were then put into a claypot which was filled some water, more dark soy sauce, sugar, Chinese 5-spice and some dried orange skin. Also, a pinch of MSG was added in as well. The whole stew was left to cook for about another 30 min.

Oh, the egg was boiled separately until it was hard. Once cook, she put it into the claypot as well. As for the mushroom, the Chinese dried black mushroom was soaked in hot water until hydrated. Throw away the water to get rid of the preservatives. Repeat a few times until the water is clear. Cut the mushrooms into smaller pieces and throw it into the claypot.

The duck stew was eaten during the Mooncake Family Dinner. Nice.