: : How to eat Home-made Ice-cream : :

Step 1 : Find an Ice-Cream Parlour speciliasing in homemade ice-cream

Step 2 : Select a flavour that will bring a smile to your face

Step 3 : Step up to the counter to make your selection.

Step 4 : Enjoy! This is cookies and cream.

After a year of having problems trying to eat at this parlour, finally managed to go with Sina’ and Dad. Why a problem? It’s either last minute cancelled appointments or shop is close or no time! But, the ice-cream more than made up for it.

Desserts is an ice-cream parlour in Miri (sorry Kuchingites!) which specialises in home-made ice-cream, cakes and tea. They also have some yoghurt on the menu as well. You can also buy their ice-cream packs to bring back home. It’s simply delicious and creamy and sweet.

We sampled some rose tea which was delicately flavoured and without the strong aftertaste of preservatives. There’s nothing like it. I enjoyed it as well as drinking in the dainty little tea cups. It certainly brings back memories of playing tea-time as a little girl.

The owner also graciously gave us some Christmas pudding to sample. On the left is the plain pudding, the right – pudding with brandy. This was so yummy! Ok, I’m getting my parents to order some for Christmas when I’m back home. There is nothing like a flambe Christmas pudding after a nice Christmas dinner at home. If you’re living in Miri, you can order the pudding from the shop. Not sure how much it would cost though. But, if the ice-cream menu is any indication, it’s going to be extremely reasonable.

Anyway, that’s my tea-time at Desserts. Check it out if you’re ever in Miri. It’s located at the Pelita Commercial Center and the signboard is pretty hard to miss.

See you all there sometime!

: : MMORPG : :

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few months. From pirates to Egypt. While in Egypt, I met some developers for another game called Faction Wars. Check them out.

Oh yeah, just got back from Miri with tons of pictures of new eating places, including an ice-cream parlour with awesome dessert. Homemade ice-cream too and cheap as well. There was Dad’s birthday dinner at the Han Restaurant and simple seafood meals.

I promise I’ll put one up tonite!

: : Mango Tree : :

Ok, I’m back up and with some pictures too! Sorry for the long wait all. It’s like my PC has decided to declare it’s retirement.

I went to Mango Tree about a month with colleagues for a farewell dinner for 2 of our workmates. It was a great night : great company and wonderful dishes galore. Here’s what we ate at RM32 @ USD8.42 a head.

The table setting was like so. The cutleries all had rounded handles instead of squared ones. My Sina’ (mother in Kelabit language) mentioned that this is the tradition of the Thai people to use these type of cutleries.

As part of our starter, we had 3 cold dishes.

Som Tum : A lovely raw papaya salad with lime juice squeezed all over it. It came served with some raw long beans.

Yum Wun Sen : Glass noodles with some chicken and prawn. Served with a bit of cut chillies and the required lime juice to give us a “bit of excitement”.

Tord Mun Pla : the last of the cold dishes combination. It’s deep fried fish cakes that was truly delicious. The sauce was delicately spiced with some chillie sauce, peanuts and some raw mango(?).

Talay Phad Med Mamuang : Stir Fried Chicken with capsicum and mushroom. Yumm… it looks like a Chinese style cooking but the taste was different. I can’t quite tell what’s the difference but take my word for it, it’s different.

Tom Yum Goong : Now what is a Thai meal without some Tom Yum Goong? Spicy soup with herbs and seafood. It was delicately flavoured and yet spicy as well as slightly sourish.

Choo Chee Pla : Deep fried fish with butter sauce and spices. I have the breakdown of the menu but unfortunately it’s not with me right now as I update this page. Sorry. This was a fish dish and tasted really good.

Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai : One of my favourite. Green curry with chicken and eggplant. It was thick with coconut milk but truely, wickedly, sinfully nice. My cholesterol levels definitely went up that day.

Phad Phak Ruamitr : Stir fry mixed vegetables. Again, this dish didn’t taste like Chinese Cooking but Thai Cooking. Something about that taste that I could never quite place.

Kow Phad Gai : This is the final dish – fried rice with chicken. At least, I think it was chicken. Like I said earlier, I don’t have my menu list so trying to guess what all these items were.

So, looks good no? The Mango Tree restaurant is located along Crookshank Road, behind the Civic Center and nearby the General Hospital’s Nurses Quarters. So yeah, I had a great time. Been back there 3 times already. 🙂

: : The Story of My Computer : :

Well, another problem cropped up with the PC. This time it was more dire.

Now, I can only see blue and yellow color on the monitor. Yep, the red color went kapish. Have to get another monitor.

So, updates will be later once I can get my hands on a new monitor. Can’t see the picture colors well to make any edits to the picture.

Sorry folks!

: : Mystery Rice : :

Remember the posting on the rice a few weeks ago?

It’s not glutinous rice.

Here is a closer look at it.

Figured what it is yet?

And yeah, I got my computer fixed. Had to change the power supply pack, replace the motherboard and replace 128 MB RAM which burnt off. Oh well. At least there’s no more blue screen. Phew!