: : Mooncake Festival ~ Carpenter St. Part III : :

The sign enough is enough to tempt me…

Tenggiri is mackerel. I think. Siao Bee is pork dumplings.

I even caught the steaming effect.

Drool people drool.

Sadly to say, I couldn’t quite taste the fish. Only tasted the pork.

: : Mooncake Festival ~ Carpenter St. Part II : :

Strolling along Carpenter Street last Sunday, Granny and I found a little stall still making kantong using the traditional method of making shaven ice.

It’s a block of ice on a wooden stand that has a blade with a serrated edge in the middle. Click here to view a video demo of the man at work.

And this is the kantong @ sweeten iced-stick. Nice to eat while weaving through a crowded area. Everyone is making way for you because they do not want their clothes to become sticky. Hee hee!

Granny : Aiya! It’s not a ball! Also, not as good as the one in Penang lah!

Lucia will be most happy at the above statement. As well as Panda. 🙂

Happy Lunar Day everyone!