: : Blogspot Hijack Saga : :

Blogger came to AiLin’s rescue and resetted her userID and password. Good for you hon!

And surprisingly, the hijacker left a message in my Comments Box. Here it is below :

pinches malasios de popocita verde… me qitaron mi blog robado, al carajo, ya no los quiero!

ah, y tu blog también está de hueva… igual que el de chia… que mamadas son esas… esas fotos de comida me provocan ganas de guacarear

Translation anyone? The babelfish translation doesn’t come out so well.

For reference, please goto this posting.

It’s also not very nice to call her a b*tch in the first place and then attempt to be nice about it later. Ah well. Reap the consequences afterwards.

Although, it must be said that the quickest way to fame is to be bad than to be good.