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Yes! Finally a shop with Kelabit food. Sultana is a Cafe that provides Kelabit food and is located opposite Cherrie Berries in Miri. And I’ve been having dinner there for the past 2 days.

This is their signature meal set : the Nuba Laya Set. Served with authentic Bario Rice from Bario.

The minced fish. Delicious although, ok, so it’s fried. I think.

This is the Labo Belato @ Stir-Fried Wild Tapioca Leaves. Sticky ain’t it? That’s normal. And, just about every Kelabit child loves eating this vegetable dish.

And this is Smoked Meat. Could be wild boar. I’m not sure. Didn’t ask. Was too busy savouring the entire meal.

And yes, this is porridge, otherwise known as Kikid. Tasty and pleasant. This is the vegetarian version that we were served last night. Tonight, it was with mushroom and equally delicious.

And, the gem of the meal : the Nuba Laya @ Bario Rice wrapped in Leaves. Definitely no sharing. One packet per person.

How it looks like once it’s open. Ok, it’s not your typical rice presentation but it’s definitely soft and slightly sweetish. This is how they eat it in Bario.

Yum yum…

(I can hear someone salivating from Rotterdam and London)

6 thoughts on “: : Kelabit Food Fix : :”

  1. 🙁 ah well…

    one fine day… ^_^

    the trick is to think how to bring bario rice to the US.

  2. Hey, i’m from Miri! The food in Sultana is awesome! Just went there last week. 😀

  3. Hi, I visited Sultana when I went back to Miri last year. I tried their lassi which was absolutely fantastic. Food there was very very nice. But I didn’t know that they have got so many other nice Kelabit food! Thanks for posting up those wonderful pics! I must try them when I go back again!

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