: : Danger Alert! : :


Sensors have picked up high levels of addictive chocolate in the vincinity. Proceed with caution.

Deceptively small, these Hershey Kisses will make you crave for them more and more. Do not be deceived by their pretty wrappings. That little bit of paper sticking out will make you want to pull them open. Batten down the hatches to your mouth! Die your hands behind your back and high-tail it out of here!

Aik! In a sneak attack, a whole box of assorted Belgium chocolates blocks your path! They wave tempting chocholate bites in front of you. You see black and white chocolate swimming in front of your eyes. Your sensors detect hidden nuts and fillings inside some of the stealth chocs. In a desperate attempt, you take a running leap over the box and rush out to the exit!

SPLAT! You were tripped by another box of chocholates. Definitely the evil black and white chocolates are out to make you tempted to eat. However, you shall prevail! As you cover your eyes, relying on your sensors to help you find your way out of this sinister adventure, you race onwards. As you run away, sweet cute laughter are following you. The chocolates are diabolical and you get an awful feeling that they are planning to launch their secret weapon at you.

Suddenly, an exit appears in shining light. You race towards it, only to find a shadow. What is it now? Another chocolate? No, it’s the sakura biscuit, come to guide you back to the mothership!

And there is the mothership. As you plonk yourself down amongsts friends, you can’t help but wonder what else would the chocolates be up to. Falling gently asleep, you hear faint laughter in the distance. Is it all a dream or a beginning of a nightmare?