: : Fresh Food for Eating : :

This is a great tourist attraction. Huge aquariums of fresh fish at this Sabahan chain of seafood restaurant. This restaurant branch is located in Miri. I took the video last year during a dinner. There’s some pictures to go along with it. Have to dig them up.


I’m having fun putting videos up online. Wheeeeeee!

Oh, side note, there were a couple of postings that I had to delete. Copyright issues. Anyway, just to sum up, I’m on the path of losing weight(again). 🙂

: : Cutting Salmon : :

Salmon cutting at Tenichi, the Japanese restaurant owned by the Lok Thian family. The videos are loaded at YouTube (a free video hosting sight that seems to work faster for me compared to using Google Video).

I think I took this videos last year when I was still using my Canon G5. Now, with the Canon 350D, no more videos for awhile guys.


I’m going to try and put up more videos that I’ve taken of food preparation or food-theme stuff since 2003. Believe me when I say that I have a lot of them. Carrying around a small teensy weensy camera makes video taking very easy. Plus, the quality isn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, the video quality of my handphone isn’t that great so that’s not much use for video taking. So, we’ll see how it goes. 🙂